Altair Global Ranks First for Multiple Categories in 2019 Trippel Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey©

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AUTHOR: Marketing Communications
DATE: December 10th, 2019 CATEGORY: news

FRISCO, TEXAS (Dec. 10, 2019) – Altair Global, the only global mobility experience management company, is honored to announce their rankings for this year’s Relocation Managers’ Survey© Relocation Management Companies conducted by Trippel Survey & Research, LLC.

Altair Global received number-one rankings among all relocation management companies in the following categories:

  • Data Security
  • Responsiveness
  • Account Management
  • Personnel
  • Timely Disbursements
  • Reporting

Altair Global also received the most number-one rankings among the top five relocation management companies in the following 13 categories:

  • Continuation of Services
  • Performance
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Data Security
  • Responsiveness
  • Service Recovery
  • Account Management
  • Personnel
  • Disbursement Timeliness
  • Culture Fit
  • Reporting
  • Technology

“Thank you to each of our team members for their dedication to continuously providing the best relocating experience to our clients,” said Kathryn Cassidy, president and COO at Altair Global. “They are an integral part of what we do here at Altair Global, and this accomplishment would not be possible without their hard work.”

The 18th Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey© Relocation Management Companies was conducted between September 24, 2019 and October 10, 2019 with a total of 339 respondents. Trippel Survey & Research, LLC conducts each of these surveys with an overall purpose to obtain performance evaluations from corporate relocation managers regarding their level of satisfaction with firms in the relocation management services industry.

“We publicly announced our company’s core focus on experience management (XM) this past year. I believe these results speak to how well our commitment to XM is resonating with clients and customers alike,” stated Chad Sterling, CEO at Altair Global.

For information on obtaining the full 10-page report, please contact Alan Trippel of Trippel Survey & Research, LLC at [email protected], or call 1-501-922-4000.


About Altair Global

Since 1989, Altair Global has been delivering exceptional mobility experiences to customers and clients worldwide. Supported by sophisticated, dynamic technology, our focus on experience management drives continuous improvement and innovation in our full-service global assignment and relocation services. Trust Altair to guide your mobility journey. Please visit www.altairglobal.com.