Meet Barry Potter

Senior Vice President, EMEA

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Barry leads Altair Global’s mission across Europe, managing strategy and operations across offices in the U.K., France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. Barry brings more than 30 years of experience in mobility to his role – also having lived in the UK, New York City and Houston, he bridges the cultural differences between the UK, Europe and the U.S. seamlessly. His favorite aspect of Altair’s culture is, “Without a doubt, the authenticity; I feel so lucky to work with the teams we have in place worldwide. There is a palpable commitment here that is very rare.”

He’s described similarly in both his personal and work lives with the overlapping characteristics of dependable, proactive, pragmatic, strategic, relatable and motivating. The ability to lead a team across five countries and operations across 45+ countries takes all of those skills and more. He says successfully leading the EMEA region takes the ability to relate, connect and find common ground across many different cultures; a commitment to inclusivity, humility and continuous learning are essential on a daily basis. Though first impressions may lead you to believe he’s strictly business-minded and practical; upon one conversation, you will also see that Barry is incredibly funny, passionate, personable and open-minded. In fact, the only thing he is close-minded about is karaoke.

An Englishman through and through, Barry stays energized with tea – and long-distance cycling and walks in the Kentish countryside. He’s a proud father to two grown sons and a proud husband who never leaves home without his wedding ring, wallet and watch. An engineering student in a previous life, he realized his passions were not in building things, but in building relationships – and we’re very glad he did.