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Meet George Powdar

Senior Vice President, Global Reporting and Compliance

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Whether it comes to opening new businesses abroad, managing assignees in completely different political landscapes or labyrinthine global data protection regulations, George is Altair Global’s go-to ‘rules man.’ He has decades of experience in mobility that he brings to Altair. With an accounting/reporting background and the top CliftonStrengths traits of responsible, flexible and futuristic, it’s no surprise he runs point on compliance; or as he says, “The responsibility we have as individuals and an organization to follow state, country, government and industry regulations to protect information.”

George’s experience and expertise are only one piece of the puzzle though. He has a passion for the mobility industry as a whole and finds its past, present and possible future states fascinating. He talks about the importance of where relocation started in the late 70s – the buying and selling of relocating employees’ homes – and what it has evolved into in just a few decades. He’s constantly intrigued and working toward the philosophy that Altair doesn’t just manage moves anymore – they manage experiences. His leadership style involves hiring bright people and giving them plenty of opportunities to shine. He’s flexible and humble – customizing leadership to each team member and stressing the importance of a true open-door policy with his team. His three daughters describe him similarly and say he’s a focused and dedicated planner, mentor and coach.

Outside of work, George follows sports – especially Premier League football in UK and major league soccer – obsessively. A self-described sports junkie, his favorite sports team is Manchester United and he regularly attends FC Dallas home games, basketball games and baseball games (it’s clear he has a healthy sense of competition). Being a part of a global firm, it’s fitting that George loves to travel. When pressed to pick his absolute favorite place, he said Rome. Why? Because he values the importance of history – an understanding of where we’ve been so we know where we can go.

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