Supplier Partner Awards

Supplier Partner Awards

Altair is renewing efforts to acknowledge our suppliers’ outstanding achievements within their respective fields of expertise and their partnership with Altair. We are excited to introduce a variety of awards, intended to recognize exceptional performance, social responsibility, environmental consciousness, innovation, promising new partnerships, and time-honored relationships. Read further to learn more about the award categories and criteria, as well as information regarding the 2017 Supplier Partner Awards event.

2017 Award Categories & Winners

All-Star Awards

The All-Star Awards are distinguished by the different services outlined below. Winners were selected based on specific performance criteria, as well as nominations submitted by Altair’s Consultants and Associates. One award winner was chosen from each category.

Move Management Services

Winner: Champion International

Presented to the transportation partner who has achieved the highest performance results in the areas of overall performance, customer service, timeliness of delivery, quality of performance, responsiveness, commitment to the customer experience, and utilization of innovative solutions.

Logistics Support Services

Winner: Executive Movers Service

Presented to the logistics services partner who has attained the highest performance results in the areas of overall performance, quality of performance, dependability, customer service, responsiveness to customers’ needs, and deployment of innovative solutions.

Supplier Types for Logistics Support Services

  • • Auto Transportation
  • • Third Party Services

Corporate Housing Services

Winner: Oakwood Worldwide

Presented to the Altair partner who consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in all respects, including service innovation, industry knowledge, active participation in industry organizations (WERC, CHPA, ASAP, etc.), property sourcing, supply chain management, cost stewardship, and guest experience.

Destination Services

Winner: CORT

Presented to the Altair partner with an apparent enthusiasm for service quality and expertise in all aspects of Destination Services, active participation in WERC and EuRA, and proven commitment to service innovation, program flexibility, cost stewardship, added value offerings, and responsiveness to client needs and preferences.

Mobility Support Services

Winner: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Presented to the Altair partner who reliably achieves excellent results in the delivery of Mobility Support Services by way of subject matter expertise, active participation in WERC and industry-appropriate associations, stakeholder collaboration, knowledge sharing, effective communication, supply chain management, cost stewardship, and a strong customer focus.

Supplier Types for Mobility Support Services

  • • Banking
  • • Car Lease
  • • Cultural Training
  • • Data Services
  • • Immigration
  • • Insurance
  • • Language Training
  • • Pet Transportation
  • • Specialized Education Search
  • • Spousal Assistance & Family Acclimation
  • • Travel

Real Estate Broker Services

Winner: John L. Scott Real Estate

Presented to the Altair partner who evidences a commitment to best-in-class Broker Services through a deep knowledge of relocation, active participation in WERC and RDC, diligent agent training, market expertise, customer engagement and education, collaboration with Altair, and support for our clients.

Real Estate Support Services

Winner: Fidelity Residential Solutions

Presented to the Altair partner ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients and relocating employees in their real estate transactions through a deep knowledge of relocation, active participation in WERC, cost stewardship, supply chain management, customer engagement and education, market and subject matter expertise, and compliant practices.

Supplier Types for Real Estate Support Services

  • • Appraisal
  • • Closing
  • • Inspection
  • • Property Management
  • • Mortgage
  • • Title

Super-Star Awards

Our suppliers are doing great things in their organizations, in their communities, and in all parts of the world. Altair wishes to specifically recognize three Super Stars for exceptional achievements in the areas of Environmental Consciousness, Humanitarian Commitment, and Product/Service Innovation. These awards are open to all suppliers and are based on supplier self-nominations. Winners were selected by the Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards panel.

Environmental Consciousness

Winner: Oakwood Worldwide

Presented to the Supplier who demonstrates an organizational commitment to sound environmental and sustainability practices and further influences the practices of others through awareness campaigns, supply chain engagement, B2B collaboration, and employee education.  The recipient of this award will have implemented or maintained a Program / Product / Practice / Achievement displaying significant results and environmental outcomes.


Humanitarian Commitment

Winner: Windermere Real Estate

Presented to the Supplier who exhibits the organizational interest and discipline to have taken up a cause(s) of local, regional, national, or global significance in an effort to benefit those afflicted by poverty, hunger, civil rights infringement, social injustice, or are otherwise socially marginalized. The recipient of this award will have implemented or maintained a Program / Product / Practice / Achievement contributing to the enhancement and/or public education of the importance of humanity and human dignity.


Product/Service Innovation

Winner: ReloQuest

Presented to the Supplier who invests in innovative business solutions specifically tailored to the needs of mobility users, including transferees, assignees, corporate mobility professionals, relocation management companies, and/or mobility supply chain partners.  The recipient of this award will have implemented or maintained a technology-driven product or service that has positively influenced customer experience, efficiency, transparency, cost effectiveness, and/or data management designed to address a specific need within global mobility

A Star is Born

A Star is Born Award

Winner: Unirisc

Altair’s network of local, regional, and global supplier partners is ever expanding and evolving.  With each new client engagement, each market opportunity or challenge, or product/service innovation provides an opportunity to expand and deepen our supplier partnerships. The Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards panel will be reviewing all newly on-boarded supplier partners to identify the organization who has most notably distinguished themselves by delivering exceptional service, elevating the customer experience, and demonstrating the true spirit of partnership.

Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars Award

Winner: PrimeLending

During our 28 years of supporting and helping others in the relocation industry, trusted supplier partners have been essential to our success. Through the growth and transformation of our company and the industry as a whole, some partnerships have proven to not only endure the test of time, but to evolve and flourish. The Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards panel will recognize one remarkable supplier in a long-standing relationship with Altair; a relationship built on strong partnership and mutual success, as well as cultural and strategic alignment. This supplier truly upholds and promotes the vision of Altair Global.

Qualification Criteria

In order to qualify for the Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards, suppliers must:

  • Maintain good standing with Altair (i.e., service delivery performance, compliance to contractual and financial commitments)
  • Receive 25 or more Altair service orders within award periodi
  • Realize favorableii employee satisfaction scores during the award periodi

iThe award period for the 2017 Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards is June 30, 2016, to June 30, 2017. All qualifications were based upon this time period. When the award period for 2018 is announced, suppliers will be notified and the period will last approximately one year.

iiThe term ‘favorable’ is used generically for these purposes, but may be contractually defined as part of Altair/Supplier service level agreements.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about the awards program or nomination process, please contact us at supplierpartnerships@altairglobal.com. For the full 2017 Supplier Awards press release, please visit our news section here.