Experience Management

Unpack the Adventure in Every Move with Experience Management

Working with an Experience Management-focused organization, like Altair Global, you’ll feel the difference immediately. It isn’t about the services they provide or even how they’re provided, it is about each experience across the spectrum. For Altair Global, our journey into Experience Management started years ago. We are a pioneer in our industry for not only examining the customer’s satisfaction, but also that of our client partners, our supplier partners and our own team members. Across the board, Altair examines operational data (demographics, statistics, etc.) but couples that with experiential data (sentiments, feelings, etc.) to bring a whole new picture to life. We were the first relocation management company to partner with Qualtrics, the premier experience company, to build our Experience Management model to better our brand and ensure we’re bringing value to every interaction through a standardized process of measurement across our company.

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Key Features

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Efficiently review updates on every ongoing relocation

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Turn inputs into actionable insights

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Make adjustments on the move

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Uncover patterns that lead to program improvements

Customer Experience


Every relocation ends with a change of address, but the measure of its success is more than the destination. It’s the journey. Through our intuitive platform, our teams have insight into every ongoing relocation. By collecting the data during moments that matter, we can personalize every move and assignment and course correct where needed. Our goal is to deliver a seamless, customized relocation experience for every employee. These features help make that goal a reality for you and your relocating talent:

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Omnichannel Dashboard

Our team of experts monitors every ongoing relocation and assignment through this highly visual, at-a-glance view. It lets us see how every move is going, every step of the way.

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These succinct digital check-ins elicit feedback from your employees while they’re on the move. Armed with the responses, we can make sure everything is going according to plan — and raise a flag if it isn’t.

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Close-the-Loop Resolution Tracking

If an employee voices a concern during a relocation, our XM technology records the issue and notifies the right Altair Global team member to prompt a personalized, timely response.

Client Partner Experience

Our clients’ experience with Altair is just as important to us as our customers’. For mobility administrators and HR leaders, Altair utilizes the same industry-leading experience platform to create listening posts for client partner feedback as well. Our clients benefit from the same features — Omnichannel Dashboards, X-checks and Close-the-Loop Resolution Tracking — just with a different focus. All these things allow you quick access to information across your program and employee base. Additionally, our clients are provided with:

Real-time Discovery Process: With our XM platform and digital X-checks, every move becomes an opportunity to improve your relocation program for this move and the next. XM doesn’t just account for individual preferences and adjustments — with the platform’s predictive analytics functionality, we enable our clients to see the emerging trends and apply those learnings to their entire program. Our industry-leading platform helps turn every relocation and assignment into your employees’ next adventure and discover what truly works while adjusting what could be enhanced in each important moment.


Supplier Partner Experience

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We know our business couldn’t succeed without the support of our valued supplier partners; we also know that it is vital that our partners act as an extension of our brand. Therefore, Altair ensures our supplier partners are well-versed in our experience management initiatives and exemplify our XM philosophies. Read more about our Supplier Partner Experience here.

Team Member Experience

Now, more than ever, companies must ensure their employees are engaged and fulfilled. At Altair Global, we’ve always believed in providing a great culture — a place where team members feel valued, a place where people are excited to help our clients move their employees all around the globe. So, formalizing that focus into our Team Member Experience initiative made perfect sense. Discover how we make Altair Global a career destination on our Careers page.

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Our focus on managing and elevating each experience across our brand is the core foundation of our business strategy. Our experience metrics and close-the-loop process are key differentiators in the mobility space providing deeper focus on what is most important to our clients/customers/suppliers/team members and gives a 360-degree view into their journeys.