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Keeping Finances Timely and Secure

The financial implications of relocation and assignment management are huge and the stakes are high when dealing with money ‒ yours or your employees’. With Altair’s support, you’ll be equipped with the financial services you need across the globe (even in China where we can provide local expense management and invoicing) and the consultative guidance that will drive your program into the future.

Our team of financial experts knows what it takes to keep your program running smoothly. On average, Altair manages over $1.5B globally on behalf of our clients in more than 50 currencies with 99+% accuracy. We also manage real estate transactions with a total value of more than $2B each year. We know in our client relationships money matters and anything less than our best is unacceptable.

Altair’s Global Financial Services Include:


Budget Management & Accrual Services


Multi-entity and Multi-currency Invoicing


Tax Gross-up and Global Compliance Reporting

Expense Management

Group 48

Employee Reimbursements


Expense Tracking and Reporting

Global Compensation Services

Group 39 1

Assignment Letter/
Certificate of Coverage
(U.S. Outbound)


Collaboration with Tax Providers

Group 29

Compensation Worksheets


Estimate to Actual Reporting

Group 43

Global Compensation Accumulation


Global Cost Estimates


Global Payroll Instruction


Global Statement of Earnings


Shadow Payroll Reporting