Inclusion & Diversity

Mapping Our Inclusion and Diversity Journey

We’re creating an inclusive culture where team members from diverse backgrounds collaborate, feel valued for their contributions and realize their full potential while being their authentic selves.

To underscore that sentiment, we invited our team members to help craft our Inclusion & Diversity statement. We asked what inclusion and diversity meant to them, and then, let our team members vote on which one they felt best represented Altair. We’re proud of what our team members created:

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We’re dedicated to creating a workplace of diverse people, cultures, thoughts and ideas because we are better together.

–The Altair Global Inclusion and Diversity Statement


Our inclusion and diversity (I&D) journey doesn’t end with our team members. Being an Experience Management organization, we create a culture of inclusion and value diversity in our relationships with customers, clients, suppliers and communities. We work jointly to cultivate inclusive partnerships and engaging experiences because we are better together.

Each year, we use team member feedback from our Gallup Inc.’s Culture of Inclusion Index to create strategy and guide us through the next year. Understanding our team members and hearing their voice and opinions is key to navigating our I&D journey. Our team members also benefit from access to leading diversity and culture platforms for training and education, thereby increasing their visibility and awareness as global citizens.

Being Authentic

At Altair, we value each of our team members’ authenticity, which means you don’t have to try to be anyone but yourself. Our Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs) provide a place for team members of different backgrounds to come together, collaborate on ideas, share their perspectives and learn from each other.

ALMA icon


(Altair for Latin American Memories and Ancestry)

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(Black Organizers & Leaders for Diversity)

HOPE icon


(Helping Others Peacefully Exist)



(Helping Young Professionals Engage)



(People with Different Languages and Ethnicity Coming Together to Put Their Collective Voices, Ideas, Innovations and Contributions Into Action)



(Leaning In For the Environment)



(Promoting Opportunities for Women to Excel and Rise)

PULSE icon


(Pride, Unity, Love, Solidarity and Equality)



(Veterans & Allies Leading Organizational Results)

Transforming the Team Member Experience

With 11 offices spanning eight countries, our multilingual, multicultural workforce consists of team members speaking more than 35 different languages and representing multi-generational groups that bring unique insight to our company.

We believe everyone deserves to work in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to fostering an environment that brings out the full potential in each of us. At the end of the day, we strive to live by the Platinum Rule of treating others the way they want to be treated.

As indicated in our inclusion and diversity statement, we’re dedicated to creating a workplace of diverse people, cultures, thoughts and ideas because we are better together. We commit to an inclusive recruiting process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants.

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Living Our Values

Working to relocate individuals and families across the world, we know firsthand that employing unique team members with different knowledge, skills and capabilities is exactly what will help ensure our success now and in the future.


Here at Altair Global, we value each individual and their experience. We understand that life is more than just the work we do, which is why we continuously focus on our Team Member Experience to provide both a dynamic culture and common goal for our team members.