Reporting Services

Reporting Business Intelligence That’s Important to You

Global talent mobility has big implications across many functions and departments. When you have questions like:


How much are we spending across our whole program?


Are my people happy about their moves and is our program competitive in our industry?

where 1

Where are my people?

You need to have the answers at your fingertips, day or night. Working with Altair Global, you will.

Data is powerful, but only when it provides actionable insights and predictive analytics to empower the end user. That’s why, at the beginning of every Client Partner relationship, we do a deep dive into what information is most important to you:

regular stats 1

What statistics do you need regularly?

need info 1

When do you need the information?

data sets

What data sets would help you make decisions?

Then, we build a customized reporting package specific to your needs. Additionally, we have dedicated resources for each client that work to ensure the completeness of the data and to support your overall program goals and objectives.

You won’t get off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter reporting options at Altair. We offer a huge selection of reports that slice and dice all your pertinent program data in ways that are informative, visually appealing (think presentation-ready graphics and dashboards) and ready when you need it. Our standard reporting is delivered on your schedule or available via our STAR Client Partner Portal. And if you find that you need a custom or one-time report, our Reporting department is typically able to turn those around quickly.

Reporting dashboards image hORZ

Keeping Your Program Competitive

We also make sure to meet with our clients on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis to assess the overall health and efficiency of your program. At these reviews, we take a bird’s eye view to make sure your policies and benefits are on track, providing you the most effective arsenal in the competition for talent, while keeping your costs under control. We also ensure that we are meeting your expectations along the way and work with you to find our own areas of improvement. Our goal is to make each review customized to your needs and to use the time wisely on perfecting your global mobility program.

At Altair, we want to provide our clients with actionable intelligence and insights to make their jobs easier. We strive to provide accurate, timely and useful information so every relocation or assignment goes smoothly.