Client Solutions

From the very beginning of the relationship, our clients know Altair Global’s Client Solutions team. An ever-present resource, this multifaceted group of professional problem solvers ensures your program optimization never stops. With an understanding that global mobility is a rapidly-changing industry, we work quickly and creatively to bring you solutions. 

Got a problem? We’ve got it from here. Read more about what we do and how we do it below.

What We Do

With a robust project-management approach, we provide a variety of services for all of our clients and foster amazing relationships to guarantee best-in-class solutions.

Diverse group at the office
  • Business Process Changes
  • Country / Regional Expansions
  • Design of Program Activity, Financial and Performance Reporting
  • Emerging Markets
  • Group Moves
  • Implementation of New Industry Products and Services
  • Intern, Co-ops, and College Grad Programs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Mobility Model Transitions (Centralization / Decentralization)
  • Mobility Program Management / Staffing Transitions
  • New Programs, Policies, and Process Training
  • Onboarding / Implementing New Client Programs
  • Organization and Facilitation of Supplier Summits
  • Outsourcing Scope Additions / Changes
  • Support Supplier Rationalization Initiatives
  • Technology Tools and B2B Processes
  • User Training

How We Do It

Project Managers

Our project managers are deep generalists specializing in understanding how all services, processes, and people connect. This skillset enables projects to be effectively designed, planned, and executed to meet your strategic business objectives.

Project Management

Our disciplined approach to managing projects ensures success. Elements such as resource alignment, milestone construction, documentation, and stakeholder report outs create structure, which alleviates client workload. 


Altair’s history of executing projects on time is a hallmark of our project management team.On-time project completion is critical to allow client resources to return focus to business initiatives and steady state operations.

What’s our strategy in a nutshell? With partnership and efficiency in mind: Design. Plan. Execute.

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