Global Consulting Services

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to our Client Partners’ programs, policies and cultures. In order to deliver an unmatched mobility experience, we provide expert recommendations and insights to build and strengthen our clients’ benefit offerings to meet their overall business and talent mobility objectives for the future. Working with more than 100 companies each year, Altair’s Global Consulting Services team takes a holistic approach to mobility by arming clients with first-rate data, research and trend information to find the best relocation and mobility solutions for your employees, your mobility program and your company.

Weaving Effective Solutions into Your Talent Mobility Program

Global Consulting Services is a project team that provides value to clients through best-practice policy consulting and relocation industry expertise. We have the well-rounded, comprehensive experience you need to design a competitive program that aligns your benefits and policies with industry best practice for all aspects of global talent mobility. In the war for talent, you have to be prepared with expert counsel in all the following areas:

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  • International Policy and Benefits Consulting
  • Expatriate Management
  • Expatriate Compensation and Benefits
  • Global Tax and Immigration
  • Permanent International Transfers
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  • International Long-term/Expatriate Assignments
  • International Short-term Assignments
  • Global Domestic Relocations
  • International Extended Business Travel
  • U.S. Domestic Relocation, Policy and Benefits Consulting
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  • U.S. Temporary/Rotational Assignments
  • U.S. Intern Programs
  • U.S. and Canada Cross-border Assignments and Transfers
  • Core/Flex Mobility Programs
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Delivering Mobility Insights and Expertise

Our Global Consulting team has extensive real estate, mobility and expatriate management experience. They know the ins-and-outs of all aspects of relocation and assignment services, and their ultimate goal is to support our relationship with each client through best-in-class benchmarking, recommendations and customized solutions for your talent mobility program. Our clients can rest assured they’re armed with the best, most up-to-date insights possible.

Each year, Global Consulting Services also produces articles, reports, surveys and webinars to inform our clients about the latest industry information: mobility trends, global economic conditions, analyses, best practices, trade developments and thought leadership. Global Consulting also keeps clients up-to-date on industry trends through regular policy and program reviews. View our thought leadership resources on our Insights page.

Get a taste of our Global Consulting Services’ thought leadership when you visit our Momentum Survey Series page and download one of our three reports on employee productivity loss during relocation.