Supplier Partnerships

Introducing the Altair Global Supplier Partner Awards

At Altair Global, we recognize the level of service we provide is only possible through the support and assistance of our global network of trusted supplier partners. We value our partners and want to recognize those who are working hard to deliver superior service and those who are raising the bar across their industry to become the best and the brightest.

Read more detail about the awards, who should enter, and how to do so, here.

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Philosophy and Selection

Because we understand the direct impact that suppliers have on your entire mobility program, we have a specialized team that is dedicated to managing these relationships: our Supplier Partnerships department. These supply chain experts are responsible for leading our strategic supplier alliances and diversity initiatives – and everything in between.

Altair’s supplier partner philosophy is to select providers based strictly on their individual merits, their reputation and service track record, and their ability to deliver outstanding service to our clients and their employees. We do not believe in nor do we operate third-party “pay to participate” networks.Altair Global’s independence from van line or real estate brand affiliations offers a significant advantage to our clients; simply put – we are not obligated to direct you to any one van line or agent with an ulterior motive. We are able to make decisions about supplier selections based solely on your best interest, ensuring the very best fit for your program.

Above all, we seek differentiation in the relocation/assignment management industry by treating our supplier partners as we wish to be treated, which means we are fair, respectful, and deeply appreciative of the value they bring as an extension of our company!

If you are interested in becoming a supplier partner, please click here to access our Supplier Management Policy If you wish to contact our Supplier Partnerships team, please send them an email by clicking here.


Altair’s goal is to use as many small and diverse suppliers as possible and we continuously educate our supplier network on the value of this certification. We understand the importance of diversity at Altair Global, and you will find that we are flexible and will work with you to subcontract with certified small/diverse entities per your diversity spend/engagement objectives, at whatever percentage is mutually agreed upon.

We can also design a diversity program to meet your Tier 2 spending criteria. At your company’s direction, we can direct a defined volume or percentage of your business with one or more current Altair suppliers that meet diverse certification requirements. Alternatively, Altair can onboard your preferred certified suppliers and implement a similar volume or percentage allocation of your business.

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Direct Delivery of Services in Europe

We are proud to offer direct delivery of several services – including destination, departure, immigration services, and more – in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and the UK. Upon the acquisition of NOVA Relocation Group, a leading destination services provider in Europe, we were able to expand our reach in EMEA and can now deliver a variety of services directly to your employees in this region.

For more information about our services in Europe, please click here.

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Move Management

We have a dedicated Move Management department at Altair Global that ensures your employees – anywhere in the world – are given high-touch, quality attention to ensure their household goods are safely and efficiently moved to a new location. Our philosophy is to choose van lines, freight forwarders, and auto carriers based solely on their merits, reputation, track record, and ability to provide excellent service – we have the highest standards when it comes to choosing supplier partners, and our move management department is no exception. Led by some of the most experienced mobility professionals in the industry, you can rest assured that “we’ve got it from here.” We pride ourselves on our strategic approach, market competitive rates and access to hundreds of agents, flexibility, a robust quality assurance system, and an international bidder platform – all of which work together to simultaneously deliver the best value to your mobility program.