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Providing On-the-ground Destination Services

We deliver a variety of destination and immigration services directly to employees in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK and Singapore.

If you require any of the services listed below, our experience, local presence and experience management focus will ensure your employees have everything they need to transition into a new area quickly and effectively. From orientation tours to visas and property searches – working with Altair Global means your employees are fully supported and receive the best advice and care possible. Please see our service list overview below for more information.

Immigration Services

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Local Registrations

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Professional Cards

Group 22

Renewal Tracking and Reporting


Visas (Business visitor or entry clearance)


Work and Residence

Destination Services


Orientation Tours


Property Search

Group 288

School Search/Educational Assistance

Group 36

Settling-in Services


Temporary Accommodation Services

Group 281

Tenancy Management

Departure Services

Group 299

Canceling Insurance Policies

Group 161

Closing/Transferring Utility Contracts

Group 312

Coordinating Maintenance/Cleaning

Group 30

De-registering from Local Authorities

Group 290

Forwarding Postal Mail

Group 295

Presence at/Arranging Outgoing Survey


Property Management

Group 296

Termination of Lease Agreement

Learn more about our EMEA Services in our downloadable brochure.