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Meet Ali, Altair Global’s AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Through Ali, Altair Global harnesses the power of generative AI to support relocating employees at any moment with questions about their policy and benefits, thereby enhancing the personalized experience provided by our exceptional Consultants.

At Altair Global, we are never satisfied with the status quo – especially when it comes to the customer experience. Hence we have built Ali, here to support our delivery of best-in-class relocation journeys for our customers (our clients’ relocating employees) and exceed our customer’s expectations with speed and flexibility.

Get to know Ali: Her name fuses “Altair” with “AI” – a statement to generative AI-driven innovation. Ali is a virtual assistant available 24/7 through the STAR Customer Portal. Customers can gain instant answers to basic questions about their specific relocation policy and benefits, such as how to book travel, learn housing options, and understand expense reimbursement processes.

Thanks to Ali, our dedicated Altair Consultants can now focus even more on complex and situational inquiries to deliver a more efficient and tailored experience. The Consultant has visibility to chats (including AI-generated chat summaries and translated responses to English if the chat was conducted in another language) to monitor and provide further expertise as needed. In this way, we can utilize innovative technology to enhance the customer experience, which remains driven by the Consultant.

Feature Highlights

Available anytime, 24/7

Conducts conversations in 95 languages

Intuitive threads-based format

Chat history is saved for easy reference later

Consultants have visibility to chats to monitor conversations

Trained on a specific knowledge base including customer’s policy

Customizable to include client-level information

Accessible from any device – phone, tablet, laptop

Stellar Performance at Beta Launch

Since beta launch to a small number of clients in mid-February, Ali has handled more than 600 customer questions over its first month and scored high marks in the process. The tool has also conducted its first conversations in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese – just four of the 95 languages it can command, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for users worldwide.

Introducing Ali is a testament to the collective dedication of Altair’s team members to the customer experience. This is a cross-functional collaboration across technology, experience management, client solutions, operational excellence, reporting, marketing, legal, and compliance teams that brought Ali to market, in only 19 weeks from conception to launch.


in the first month


it can command


from conception to launch

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“The introduction of AI to the mobility journey is another innovation in our quest to perfect the customer experience. By curating an option for our customers to interact in a personalized manner with a digital medium and have routine questions answered immediately, we have paved the way for our Consultants to focus more on what they do best – providing an exceptional relocation experience.

I am so proud of the innovative spirit of our team who have obsessively dedicated their lives to Ali for many months and have taken a giant step in introducing AI to the world of relocation and assignment management.”

– Chad Sterling, CEO at Altair Global

Published On: March 20, 2024

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