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Altair Global’s Benny Tan Co-Chairs New WERC APAC Regional Affiliate

Altair Global is excited to announce that Benny Tan, Senior Vice President of APAC, has been appointed as co-chair to lead the newly established WERC APAC (Asia-Pacific) Regional Affiliate.

This strategic move by WERC, the leading global organization dedicated to talent mobility, marks a significant milestone in addressing the region’s demand for enhanced support and resources. The WERC APAC Regional Affiliate has been created based on feedback from the APAC community, recognizing the need for a dedicated platform to exchange knowledge and best practices within and across global markets.

Benny’s Continued Leadership with WERC

Benny, who is also currently serving his final year on the WERC board of directors as Vice Chair – Service Provider and holds The Global Mobility Specialist, Talent Management (GMS-T) certification, is excited to take on this new role with the WERC organization during this time of global growth.

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“The rebranding of WERC signifies a clear commitment to be truly global and not overly US-centric. WERC APAC will serve as an important network connecting professionals with and throughout Asia while also connecting them to the larger talent mobility community around the world.”

– Benny Tan, SVP of APAC at Altair Global

This appointment comes after Benny’s 16 years of association with the organization, where he served the past three on the board, always dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the relocation community.

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Coming to a Summit Near You, Singapore!

One of the starting highlights of the new WERC APAC Regional Affiliate is its leadership and support for the upcoming WERC Regional Summit in Singapore, May 14-15, and the WERC Regional Summit in Bengaluru, India on May 7. The Summit promises enriching sessions, engaging discussions, and valuable networking opportunities for delegates in the APAC region. Altair’s CEO, Chad Sterling, and COO and President, Kathryn Cassidy, will be present at the Singapore event, with Chad joining WERC CEO, Anupam Singhal, for a panel discussion.

In addition to supporting the WERC summits in region, the APAC Regional Affiliate will also be responsible for organizing and promoting assorted educational and networking initiatives throughout the year geared specifically for enhancing engagement, mentoring, and professional development for its members.

“Establishing WERC APAC is a very important example of the steps we are beginning to take toward realizing WERC’s renewed vision of serving as the global authority and platform for the talent mobility industry around the world. I couldn’t be more thrilled that it is being driven by leaders in the region, for the people, by the people.”

– Anupam Singhal, President & CEO at WERC

The establishment of the WERC APAC Regional Affiliate with Benny as founding co-chair highlights Altair’s continued commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development in the global mobility industry—throughout every region. We are excited about the future of relocation in the APAC region and the opportunities this affiliation will bring to our valued clients and supplier partners.

Published On: April 26, 2024

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