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More Than 3K Questions Answered by Ali Around the World

Altair Global’s generative AI-powered virtual assistant, Ali, launched with select beta-test users just a few months ago, and we’re already seeing huge AI-driven benefits for both the relocating customer and our own team members.

At some point or another, everyone experiences the common frustration where they need guidance for a product or service and have no idea who to reach out to for answers. Household name companies have done what they can to streamline this process (think Amazon’s “chat now” virtual assistant or Walmart’s AI-powered customer service suggested answers) without bogging down helpline employees and adding to a customer’s on-hold wait time.

Thanks to Ali, Altair Global is also able to streamline support for our relocating customers, adding ease to their journey. Available in Altair’s STAR Customer Portal, Ali supports relocating employees at any moment with questions about their policy and benefits, thereby enhancing the personalized experience provided by our exceptional Consultants.

Thus far, Ali has answered 3,370 questions and counting, with an average of 2.6 questions per chat and 5.4 questions per user. We’ve seen a 53% adoption rate. The tool is resonating, as 43% of users have returned on different days to ask additional questions related to their relocation policy and benefits. In fact, our most frequent “friend” of Ali has asked more than 40 questions!

Ali is a well-traveled companion, having had conversations throughout several countries, including APAC (Singapore, China, South Korea), Mexico, the Netherlands, Canada, France, and Switzerland to name a few. It’s no surprise that customers have chatted with Ali in not only English, but also in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese – testing some of her 95 language capabilities.

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Enabling Technology to Support Customers in New Ways

The most popular times customers strike up conversation with Ali is during business hours, Monday through Wednesday (making up 56% of Ali’s conversations). These chats are being answered immediately, virtually, and efficiently by Ali.

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When a relocating customer is in the process of trying to book their travel or pack their belongings, having that sort of instant response proves invaluable, rather than waiting for a call or email to be answered (even if that wait is mere minutes). As an experience-focused organization, here at Altair we understand how these moments can be what make or break a customer’s overall relocation experience. The Ali experience is working, as evidenced by the 43% return rate, thus activating another channel for customers to utilize to receive the support they need, when they need it.

Our Consultants Love Ali, Too

Not only does Ali’s ability to answer basic policy-related questions offer our customers real-time answers, but it also frees up the bandwidth for our dedicated Consultants to focus on the more intricate needs of these relocating employees.

Ali is accustomed to burning the midnight oil. Two-thirds of her conversations have happened in the evening, with some of those PM hours occurring well into the night. This allows for our relocating customers to still have their questions answered outside of normal business hours, right there in the moment.

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A Complement to Our Dedicated Consultants

And have no fear—Ali doesn’t operate alone. To date, only three of Ali’s conversations have had necessary escalation to a human Consultant, and we have a dedicated team here at Altair who monitor Ali’s conversations for governance and to continually refine the tool. We know the importance for our customer and client experiences to have Ali’s answers be as helpful as possible, and we won’t leave that to machine or chance.

As always, our relocating customers can contact their dedicated Consultant for any need, large or small. Ali is a virtual assistant to help better the mobility experience, complementing the work of the Consultant to ensure that the customer’s experience is a positive, streamlined one.

Published On: July 1, 2024

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