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Ask Ali: Frequently Asked Questions for Altair’s AI Virtual Assistant

Imagine there was a way for relocating employees to ask any question about their upcoming relocation journey and have it answered in real-time—no matter the time of day or night. With Ali, Altair Global’s AI-powered virtual assistant, imagine no more! But what all can you ask Ali? Read on to find out.

Ali is an AI-powered virtual assistant for customers at Altair Global, available 24/7 through the STAR portal to readily supply answers to basic questions about their specific relocation policy and benefits. In the first month since beta launch, customers have asked more than 600 questions online. And what kinds of questions might those be?

“How do I book my flight?” Ask Ali.

“What is my temporary living allowance?” Ask Ali.

“Can my dog come with me?” Ask Ali.

OMG Ali, are u FR?

But let’s be honest – not all questions are asked in perfect English (or Spanish, or Italian, or Portuguese – a few of the 95 languages in Ali’s repertoire that have been engaged so far). Typos, incorrect grammar, and poor sentence structure are common – and expected in a quick chat. And that’s ok. Since Ali can utilize large language models (LLMs), she can parse out meaning from unstructured text through context and her specific knowledge base to respond appropriately.

From Housing Help to Mileage Matters

To date, the top three categories of questions asked are about housing (29%), travel (21%), and expenses (15%). Within housing, for example, we can see that the most frequently asked questions are specifically related to housing location, timing of securing temporary living accommodations, domestic partners, parking, and pets. Within expenses, customers want to understand the reimbursement process and expectations, as well as additional details around meals, expense reports, and shipping and storage costs.

Looking at all categories, the top five themes of questions asked overall fall into these topic areas: Mileage reimbursement, benefit coverage, flight or itinerary questions, data submission process, and reimbursement timing. Through the learnings gained from this data, we and our client partners can better understand how to serve our customers.

Read more about how Ali complements the tailored, personalized experience provided by our esteemed Consultants, here.

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Published On: March 21, 2024

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