About Us

We’ve been doing this since 1989.

But we didn’t start out as the Altair Global you know today.

We started small in Texas 28 years ago. Then we bought an office in Connecticut – then California, Minnesota, and the rest is history. Today, we have a total of 10 offices worldwide – Texas, Connecticut, California, Minnesota, England, Singapore, China, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

But despite the transformations along the way, our founding principles have seen us through. We are a company that has always had a solid foundation built on the idea of supporting and helping people – supporting our clients’ mobility programs, helping our clients’ employees adjust to their moves seamlessly, and valuing our team members.  And it’s our foundation that’s made it easy for us to evolve into the global leader you see today.

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Altair Global started as a business that focused on high-quality, B2B global mobility solutions – today, we still do that, but 28 years later, we have the most unique culture in the industry, best-in-class quality, and a flexible model. We’re management owned, and we’ve become the largest independent, full-service, global mobility services company.

 We have never had a parent company, subsidiaries, or affiliates – so we’re quick decision makers, 100% mobility-focused, and transparent with our supply chain. This means that, throughout our history, our focus has been on providing one-of-a-kind service to our clients and maintaining a culture that keeps our team members dedicated to our global mission.

Mission and Values

We set high goals – it’s part of our culture. We aim to be the globally-recognized, premier choice of quality, customized assignment and relocation solutions.

We support that vision with the following mission statement: to be innovative and creative, to place everyone involved in the process – client, employees, and our team members – in a position to succeed, to drive profitable growth through service excellence and integrity, to deliver positive – measurable, quantifiable – results to every client, and to actively value all of our relationships with clients, team members, and suppliers.

We foster a strong vision through our values: “Aim High, Play it Straight, Make it Fun.” Like we’ve said, we’re focused on setting high goals and reaching for innovation, but a lot of companies do that. In addition to pushing ourselves to be the best, we equally value reaching for those goals with integrity and fun.