Technology That’s On the Move

We’re not just making it easier to move people. We’re making it easier for people to move. Through our intuitive platforms, your employees can access relocation information on the go, and share feedback on their experience. At the same time, you can monitor the status of every move, make individual adjustments as needed and look for opportunities to optimize your program. This is more than an efficient digital solution to employee relocation and assignment. This is the path to their next adventure.

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What Sets Our Technology Apart

With our advanced reporting features, you can sort through the activity, financial, and customer experience information that our system captures. But we’re not just collecting data for data’s sake. Armed with our analytics tools, you can then turn those inputs into actionable insights. We also take security and privacy very seriously. In addition to being GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield Certified, we hold SOC I, SOC II, and EuRA Global Quality Seal certifications.

Experience Management

At Altair Global, we know you take great pride in delivering the best possible relocation experience for your employees, which is why we’ve invested heavily in the industry’s most agile Experience Management (XM) platform. This intuitive technology ensures that no matter where your employees are, at any moment during a relocation, our team of Consultants is always just a click away.

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  • X-checks: With these succinct digital check-ins, we can elicit feedback from your employees while they’re on the move, making sure everything is going according to plan — and raising a flag if it isn’t.
  • Omnichannel Dashboard: Our team of experts can monitor every ongoing relocation and assignment through a highly-visual, at-a-glance view —anytime and on any platform.
  • Closed-Loop Resolution Tracking: If an employee voices a concern during a relocation, our XM team records the issue, routes the issue to the right team member, and follows up with the employee to make sure the issue has been resolved.

STAR Portals

A relocation or assignment is more than a change of address, it’s a journey. With that thinking guiding our team of developers, we built the STAR Portals — secure, cloud-based platforms where employees and mobility managers alike can go for all things relocation. Fully-backed by our IT support team, STAR maximizes flexibility without compromising security. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere through the web or on the Altair Anywhere app, available on iOS or Android. Users can also adjust the portal to fit their preferences, ensuring their favorite features are always just a click away.

Client Portal

The STAR Client Portal can support a relocation program of any size and scope. Whether you’re initiating an authorization, viewing the status of an individual move or running a custom report, STAR has the functionality you need. Through its intuitive user interface, you can create personalized dashboards that include your go-to reports and most frequented features.

  • Personalized dashboards: Our customizable dashboards make it easy to navigate from a high-level program overview to granular data on a specific employee. Want to learn more about a particular chart or dataset? Just click on it to get the details.
  • Reporting center: System reports and archived data are always available through our reporting center. You can also sort the data by volume, activity or cost, and save those custom reports for easy access in the future.
  • Cost estimator: With our integrated estimator, you can evaluate the potential costs of a relocation or assignment and the impact on the employee’s family before making a final decision to move that employee.
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Customer Portal

The STAR Customer Portal is your employees’ end-to-end solution for their relocation or assignment. With this portal in their pocket or on their desk, they can securely review their individual status, process expenses, access tools, update their profile and tasks, and connect directly with their Altair Global Consultant.

  • Calendar and task lists: With our cloud-based calendar and task management features, your employees can see where they are in the relocation process, what’s upcoming, and what they still have to complete.
  • Expense management: Employees can keep track of their expenses, submit reimbursement requests, and update bank account information.
  • Video guides: Our video library covers services like:
    • Household Goods with videos about “Moving Day” and “Your Stuff in Transit”
    • Home Sale with videos about “Getting Your Place Ready to Sell” and “Next Step: Inspections.”

Adventure Awaits

Whether you’re a local company or a global enterprise, our robust technology suite enhances your relocation management program, so you and your team can get back to focusing on what matters most – your people. Request a demo today to learn how you can turn every relocation, every assignment, every move into your employees’ next adventure.