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Momentum ‒ Put in Motion by Altair Global

Employee relocations and assignments are a highly-disruptive life event and a significant work distraction; however, the actual effects on the productivity of the employee have yet to be truly quantified—until now.

For more information about how our first-of-its-kind study was conceptualized, read Chad Sterling’s publication, “Productivity Quantified,” in Mobility.

By better understanding the points that disrupt workflow for our relocating customers, Altair Global can help clients revise and successfully revamp the mobility experience for companies.

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“Without factoring in workplace productivity and looking only at the direct costs of employee relocation, we are telling only part of the story. The results from the Momentum study help to fully illustrate the return on investment a company realizes as a result of employee mobility.”

– Chad Sterling, CEO

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Does distance or lump sum amount correlate to lost productivity? We answer these questions, uncover trends, and find out whether employees think their relocation was beneficial to their careers. Click through the tabs below to download any of our three Momentum Survey Series editions: Lump Sum, International and U.S. Inbound.

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