Hoverboards Restricted Due to Fire Hazard

Hoverboards, the personal transportation devices becoming more and more popular, are being banned from transportation as the awareness of fire hazard grows. Fire, and reportedly even explosions, caused by these devices may cause dangerous conditions during transport.

DATE OF ALERT: April 2016

IMPACTED: Clients shipping household goods.

OVERVIEW: Hoverboards are being restricted from shipping by more van lines and freight carriers as the risk of fi re becomes more apparent. Th is may impact household goods shipments, as they may not be shipped at various or all points

DETAILS: Reports of fi res caused by the lithium batteries in hoverboards have caused a growing number of transportation companies to add this item to their restricted list for local, intrastate, interstate, cross-border, or international moves. As a safety concern and insurance risk, insurance carriers are urging their clients, van lines, and logistics companies to restrict the item. Th ere is a risk of catastrophic consequence from transporting this item with even the normal shift ing of goods during transport within confi ned spaces. Altair Global will continue to monitor developments to advise of future risks and the impact on move management.


Published On: May 30, 2016

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