Global Services

We provide a full range of relocation and global mobility services to assist our clients in building a competitive and cost-efficient talent mobility program, while also delivering exceptional tactical, technical and logistical services to get your employees where you need them to be.

We provide a full complement of services − from professional consulting services to further develop your programs to business traveler or remote worker tracking to keep you in compliance. Coupled with innovative, real-time technology and reporting that combines standard Operational data with our insightful Experiential data, Altair Global is the perfect partner to assist any size organization in building an efficient program and staying competitive in today’s ever-changing business market. Whatever, however and whenever your needs, we can provide it across the globe.

Departure Services

It’s the start of your employees’ relocation journey. Altair Global Departure Services ensure your employees begin their relocation or assignment in the right way.

Destination Services

Helping employees navigate their new city or country is paramount to successful relocations or assignments. We’re here to guide the way and get them settled-in with ease.

Transition Services

In every move, the transitional aspect can sometimes be the most difficult. Our transition services help get your employees, and their things, where they need to go with as little downtime as possible.

Immigration Services

Let Altair Global handle the intricate details of the immigration process so your employees are prepared for their journeys while you are ensured of country compliance and risk avoidance.

Global Financial Services

Money: it’s of the utmost importance to not only our clients, but their relocating employees. Altair provides financial expertise to guide the global administration of your mobility program, while making sure relocating employees expenses are managed seamlessly.