Altair Global Celebrates Four Years of XM Initiatives

Altair Global Celebrates Four Successful Years of XM

Altair Global, the leading provider of global mobility management services, is proud to be moving into year five of robust experience management (XM) initiatives.

As the pioneer for XM in the relocation industry, Altair began its journey by engaging with leading XM experts who educated Altair on the important difference between service and experience, and the business value of aligning the company with XM competencies. From that point forward, Altair made a commitment to XM which resulted in the creation of its proprietary XM model, which is heavily focused on not only customer experience (CX), but also the experiences of its client partners (CPX), supplier partners (SPX), and own team members (TMX).

Demonstrating this commitment, Altair licensed an XM technology platform which enables them to easily collect both solicited and unsolicited feedback throughout the B2B, B2C and B2E journeys. Altair merges experience feedback (X-data) and operational elements (O-data) to produce actionable insights, which are utilized to drive business decisions.

XM timeline 2023

To date, empowered by an integrated XM platform, Altair has aggregated almost 1 million experience insights from the moments that matter over the courses of these interdependent journeys.

Incorporating and monitoring XM metrics has resulted in significant business value in the forms of continued client retention, improved employee engagement, inclusive team member resource groups, consistently strong client satisfaction scores (CSAT), and advanced supplier certification programs.

“Elevating experiences has always been at our core; so, it was natural for us to migrate into the XM model,” said Kelly Tepera, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Altair Global. “Altair will remain focused and committed to elevating each experience across our brand as the foundation of our business strategy.”

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Published On: February 21, 2023

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