Altair Global Hosts Major Charity Event with Feed the Hunger

PLANO, TEXAS (April 23, 2015) – In partnership with the organization, Feed the Hunger, Altair Global hosted a pack-a-thon where 29,520 meals were prepared and packaged for children around the world.

At a quarterly breakfast event, the company’s Plano employees assembled four ingredients: rice, soy protein or dehydrated pinto beans, dehydrated vegetables and vitamin powder. These ingredients, which together provide complete nutrition, were packaged in six-serving meal packets that are then weighed, sealed and boxed.  The amount of meals packed will feed 108 children for an entire school year, and will be shipped to children in America, Haiti and Iraq. Altair Global participated in their first pack-a-thon with Feed the Hunger in 2014.

“Our company’s culture is a point of pride – we’re all so lucky that part of our culture is based on a spirit of giving. We are privileged to host this event at our headquarters’ quarterly breakfast for a second year. As a global company, we know that it’s a huge honor to, not only provide professional services worldwide, but charitable services too,” said Altair Global CEO, Dennis O’Gara.

Published On: April 23, 2015

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