Altair Global Receives Management Level Score from CDP 2023

Altair Global Receives Management Level Score from CDP

Altair Global is thrilled to announce that we have earned a Management Level score (B-) from the CDP, a global disclosure system for environmental impacts. This underscores our company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.   

Additionally, Altair received stellar scores at the Leadership level (A) specifically in the categories of Financial Planning, Scenario Analysis, and Governance & Business Strategy.  

Environmental disclosures are submitted to the CDP by corporations around the globe to measure their actions to cut emissions and mitigate climate change risks. Altair is now ranked among the top 33% of organizations that reached the Management level, as well as above average compared to others in its activity group of Specialized Professional Services. 

“Improving our score with CDP was high on Altair’s list of 2022 environmental sustainability goals under our ESG program, CATALYST,” said Kathryn Cassidy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Altair Global. “We will continue to model the best sustainable experiences for our team members, customers, clients and suppliers, and are excited to launch our newest sustainability initiatives in the coming months.” 

To learn more about Altair’s CATALYST program, click here. 

CDP Scores, Explained

Leadership (A score)
Organizations must show environmental leadership, disclosing action on climate change, deforestation or water security, and demonstrate best practice in strategy and action. These companies will have undertaken actions such as setting science-based targets, creating a climate transition plan, developing water-related risk assessment strategies, or reporting on deforestation impact for all relevant operations, supply chains and commodities.

Management (B-/B score)
Companies that score a B have addressed the environmental impacts of their business and ensure good environmental management. A B-score indicates that a company is showing some evidence of managing its environmental impact but is not undertaking actions that mark it out as a leader in its field.

Awareness (C-/C score)
Awareness also has C and C- scores, with the differentiator being the level of awareness a company has shown in their response. The awareness score measures the comprehensiveness of a company’s evaluation of how environmental issues intersect with its business, and how its operations affect people and ecosystems.

Disclosure (D-/D score)
At disclosure level, companies are awarded roughly one point per data point provided. To score a D over a D- organizations need to have disclosed a more extensive set of information. However, a D-/D score is just the starting point for organizations that want to demonstrate that they have begun their environmental journey.

Failure to disclose (F score)
An F score is given when a requested company fails to disclose through CDP.

Published On: March 29, 2023

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