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Altair Global Transforms with Experience Management Initiative

Altair Global Transforms with Experience Management Initiative

· Partners with leading experience management firm to deploy new technology platform
· Unveiling company-wide, experience-focused strategies for team members, customers, clients and suppliers

PLANO, Texas (December 1, 2018) – Altair Global, one of the world’s premier relocation and assignment management companies, has officially launched a new transformational Experience Management (XM) initiative. Altair Global has partnered with the leading, global experience management company and integrated their technology platform to power Experience Management. Altair Global has developed a proprietary model focused on monitoring the experiences of the organization’s four core constituents, including client partners, customers, supplier partners and team members. The Experience Management technology platform provides predictive analytics and role-based dashboards to manage and monitor customer interactions.

CEO, Chad Sterling said, “Altair Global is preparing today to meet the needs of the future. Almost two years ago, we embarked on this XM journey and I am elated that it is finally coming to fruition. Through countless hours of internal preparation and training, pilot programs and testing, we can now say that Altair Global is a true experience company.”

Altair Global began phase one of the transformation with Customer Experience (CX) and has taken major steps to modernize the process of collecting and analyzing customer feedback during their relocation journey. While simultaneously building out the internal methodology, Altair Global trained team members on the new approach, technology platform and updated techniques and procedures to gather and act on customer feedback.

“Our decision to pursue the experience management movement was based on the quality and caliber of the global organizations we work with,” noted Kelly Tepera, senior vice president of customer experience. “Once we delved into customer experience, we knew we couldn’t stop there. We had to broaden our focus to encompass not only our customer, but also our team members, clients and suppliers. This transformation is about opening efficient, digital channels to gather experience feedback, consume it and act on it. The data is yielding powerful insights which will directly benefit those who work with, or for, Altair Global.”

For Altair client partners, the change is expected to immediately produce new data assets and much deeper analytics prompting more customized action plans for their employees’ relocation or assignment and better overall engagement.

“The art and science of providing experiences is complex,” said Kathryn Cassidy, president and chief operating officer at Altair Global. “This full-scale revolution of our way of thinking has changed the core strategy behind everything we do. We are no longer focused on a single score produced after a relocation or assignment has concluded, but are now hypervigilant on optimizing every single moment that matters.”

Once phase one has reached steady state, Altair Global will shift the focus to incorporating supplier partners, who support the customer journey.

“We view the next phase of XM to be widening our net of experience advocates to include our valued supplier partners and anyone who represents the Altair Global brand to the customer. We have to ensure that our suppliers not only understand our vision but embody our new ethos from beginning to end,” said Jim Edwards, senior vice president, supplier partnerships.

Altair Global expects all implementation activities for the full XM transformation, including team member experience, customer experience, client partner experience and supplier partner experience, to conclude early in 2020. Moving forward, experience management will remain a core component for all future company initiatives.


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Published On: December 3, 2018

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