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Celebrating New Appointments for Liana Ciatto and Matthew Eschrich in Americas Region

Altair Global is excited to announce new appointments for two esteemed team members, Liana Ciatto and Matthew Eschrich.

Liana is stepping into the Central Region as Senior Vice President of Client Services, while Matthew has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Client Services as the new leader of the Pacific Region.

Liana Ciatto Expands Focus on Central Region with an XM-focused Approach

Liana, known for her exemplary work ethic and respected reputation across client levels and the supply chain, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role thanks to her nearly 20 years in global mobility, including roles served abroad in the UK and Hong Kong.

“I had the opportunity to speak multiple times with Liana before she joined Altair in April of 2022, and I was always so impressed at her thoughtful answers, her depth of global mobility experience, and her passion for her work and teams,” said Brian Potts, Executive Vice President of the Americas at Altair Global. “After working with her closely the last two years, Liana exemplifies professionalism in her daily approach and always gives more to any project or meeting than she takes.”

Liana’s leadership skillsets align nicely with Altair’s Central Region teams to provide significant value to the organization’s clients and customers.

“What I’ve cherished most about working at Altair Global is the talent of our team members and their unwavering commitment to experience management (XM). I’m most excited about the opportunity to further elevate our team’s impact in the Americas. I’m eager to collaborate with our teams and our clients to enhance our customer and client experience, ensuring we exceed expectations at every turn.”

– Liana Ciatto, Senior Vice President, Central Region at Altair Global

Matthew Eschrich Takes Over Pacific Region After a Decade with Altair

Matthew has been instrumental in many key areas of success at the company through the years since starting at Altair in 2014 as a Global Services Consultant. His promotion reflects his unwavering commitment to the development and progression of the organization.

“In the nearly 10 years Matt has been with Altair, he has helped many different operational positions along the way, carefully building up his skillset with each step,” said Brian. “Matt’s most recent experience managing a dynamic portfolio of client accounts has him positioned extremely well to transition into this new leadership role. He brings his best self every day and the relentless achiever in him will help grow and transform our Pacific Region in 2024 and beyond.”

Matthew’s leadership will play a pivotal role in the continued success of the Pacific Region.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the success we have had in the Pacific Region and enriching connections both with client partners and team members. Our Bay Area presence has a rich history of innovation and forward-thinking – two things that the Pacific Region is known for – and I’m sincerely looking forward to building on this momentum.”

– Matthew Eschrich, Senior Vice President, Pacific Region at Altair Global

Altair Global Set Up for a Successful 2024 in the Americas

With these exciting moves in place, Altair is set to soar in 2024 with strong leaders in each of the three regions (East Coast, Central, and Pacific) who can operate as a “One Americas” team, able to flex to meet clients and customers where they are in the new world of remote work and the ever-evolving landscape of global mobility.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Liana’s expanded role and Matt’s promotion,” said Brian. “Their leadership and dedication perfectly models Altair’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and fostering long-term partnerships. We look forward to the continued success and impact they will bring to our organization.”

Published On: March 13, 2024

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