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If you haven’t had time to explore the Customer Experience dashboards in the STAR Client Portal, now is the time to do so. These dashboards are designed to offer a real-time, interactive view of your employees’ relocation and assignment experiences, as obtained through Altair’s proprietary series of X-checks and surveys. We are pleased to announce Altair has further enhanced your CX dashboards with the introduction of new data assets: Temporary Housing Arrival and Departure Insights!

As a reminder, Altair launched our Temporary Housing Arrival (THA) and Temporary Housing Departure (THD) X-checks in Q2 2020, in the midst of an unyielding pandemic, which directly threatened key employee experiences, as well as other moments that matter. We are both pleased and grateful to have achieved our THA and THD X-check objective of connecting with customers to ensure they feel cared for, in control, connected and reassured. These time-sensitized, service-specific check-ins have fostered a non-invasive yet highly insightful perspective of how employees are navigating their temporary housing experiences. This feedback is even more important now due to unprecedented circumstances, including physical distancing, hygienic concerns, office closures, travel restrictions, local/statewide lock-downs and personal quarantine guidelines.

THA Dashboard

Temporary Housing Arrivals Dashboard

In spite of these challenges, X-check responses reflect a high degree of customer satisfaction with their temporary housing accommodations and experiences, which we attribute to a variety of factors, chief among them, our best-in-class suppliers’ commitment to excellence. What’s more, beyond the statistics, Altair maintains the Experience Management (XM) difference (the timing-associated actions that follow, the insights gained, and the change management results) has positioned our client partners, customers, team members and supplier partners to persist through this difficult period.

In the coming weeks, your CX dashboards will contain the THA and THD X-check distribution and response details reflecting your employees’ temporary housing experiences, specific to your mobility program. These statistics will be incorporated into the existing chart and table, within the “Distribution” tab, while the THA and THD X-check responses will be reflected in the “TH Arrival” and “TH Departure” tabs, respectively.

THD Dashboard

Temporary Housing Departures Dashboard

In the next edition of The Nav, we will announce the inclusion of Best Wishes Survey results within your CX dashboard. In Q4 2020, Altair continued our transformation to digitally capture and report customer sentiment by sunsetting the former Post-relocation Survey in favor of the Best Wishes Survey, administered on a digital platform and introducing a host of new metrics and assessment best practices. Survey results will depict employees’ sentiments regarding your global mobility team, Altair Global overall, their Altair Consultant and our third-party supplier partners.

As always, Altair appreciates your continued support of our CX efforts and we encourage you to explore your CX dashboard to unlock and leverage the power of your employees’ experiential data!

Published On: January 15, 2021

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