Introducing Altair Advantage, An Affinity Program for All Your Employees

Altair Global offers extensive services for employees moving through your mobility program; however, we also cater to individuals who need moving services.

Through our affinity program, Altair Advantage, we are able to provide the benefit of quality relocation services to anyone who is relocating ‒ no matter how big or small the move is.

An Advantage Program Specialist will connect customers with vetted supplier partners chosen for their quality of service and the right fit for the given situation. Customers of Altair Advantage also receive Altair-negotiated discounts, based on our collective buying power, and cashback rebates, in some instances.

From obtaining a mortgage to setting up household utilities like electric or cable, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for managing a move. Altair Advantage takes the stress of finding quality service providers off the table, so customers can feel secure in their move.

Altair Advantage can be offered to any population of employees as a value-add benefit from your company. Discover all the services we offer on our website and reach out to your Client Services or Business Development Representative if the Altair Advantage Program seems like a good fit for you.

Published On: May 3, 2021

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