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Mobility Information on the Hamas and Israel Conflict

As we monitor the conflict between Hamas and Israel, Altair’s Client Services teams are communicating and supporting all our affected clients and customers while keeping up-to-date on current information from the international health and security risk management organization, International SOS, which can be found here.


  • International SOS has helped with evacuations through Jordan

Supplier Partners Currently Affected

  • Air travel to and from Israel remains very limited, as many airlines (particularly U.S.-headquartered airlines) have suspended service. Altair, in partnership with our travel supplier partner, CWT, will continue to accommodate customers to the best of our ability by leveraging airlines that continue service to Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv) in Israel
  • Household goods suppliers are currently business as usual. They are all working in the offices. The ports are functioning; however, some vessels have been diverted from Tel Aviv into Haifa Port. All crews are working; however, some have been called up for reserve army duty so expect resources to be impacted in due course. Packing, removals, and deliveries are continuing without restrictions at this time
  • Destination service providers are working as usual; however, most of the support required now is remote support. They have postponed home-finding tours and many relocating employees due to arrive have canceled their trips until further notice

Altair Actions for Our Clients and Customers

  • Identified all employees either relocating into or out of Israel
  • Determined the status of their relocation using a traffic light system:
    • Red = in country
    • Yellow = soon-to-be departing country
    • Green = already out of country
  • Worked with supplier partnership to determine the current status of services
  • Sent immediate check-in emails to relocating employees identified
  • Working through each individual employee’s unique scenario, needing to work closely with immigration to see if employees can vacate the country depending on visa status
  • Most of our population is in the process of moving from Israel to an alternative location
  • Ensuring corporate housing options have a safe space and shelter, if in Israel
  • If traveling out of Israel, work closely with our travel partner to rebook travel through local Israeli carriers as they are still doing the most flights where most American and European carriers have suspended indefinitely
  • Created a crisis team that meets for daily syncs to review the status of services, cases, and any employee’s unique needs
  • Keeping our tracker updated so we can communicate with clients on any challenges or quick decisions that need to be made


  • Global mobility teams should ensure their country-specific escalation plans are updated, tested, and rapidly implemented
  • Individuals with elevated profiles, such as U.S. nationals and dual citizenship Israeli nationals, should maintain a low profile and exercise heightened situational awareness
  • Ensure employees have access to reliable communications and know whom to contact in the event of an emergency
  • Advise employees to minimize time spent in the vicinity of U.S. and Israeli diplomatic interests across the region as a precaution – common sense precautions include avoiding demonstrations, even if they are peaceful
  • Defer non-essential travel to southern Lebanon

If you have any questions, please contact your Altair Global Client Services representative for more information.

Published On: October 16, 2023

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