NOVA Relocation Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary and Altair Global Acquisition

Plano, Texas (July 1, 2016) – Acquired by Altair Global in early 2016, NOVA Relocation Group (NOVA), a destination services provider located in Europe, celebrated its 25th anniversary in Brussels this month. Held at the Het Koloniënpaleis – Le Palais des Colonies, it was a celebratory evening that commemorated the company’s history and successes and Altair Global’s expanded presence in the EMEA region.

“The 25th anniversary was such an exciting opportunity to meet our wonderful clients in person and explain how pleased we are to be working with them, extending our global presence and continuing to invest in the European marketplace through our newly-expanded services. We have incredible plans for Altair Global Europe – coupled with NOVA’s reputation and successes, we are positioned for amazing opportunities in the region and we look forward to the future,” said Altair Global CEO, Chad Sterling.

“We celebrated the 25th anniversary with all of our staff and many clients at a great event in Brussels. And with this very focused team and all of our clients, it is the perfect time to step into the coming 25 years with Altair Global. Perfect timing for all,” said Senior Vice President, EMEA, Walter Vermeeren.

Upon Altair Global’s acquisition of NOVA in early 2016, Vermeeren was introduced as senior vice president of EMEA. In this role, he has ultimate responsibility for service delivery, global product development, business-to-business solutions and client management in this region. In addition, he supports regional leads in Paris, London, Brussels and The Hague as an expert resource. Vermeeren reports directly to President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kathryn Cassidy.

With decades of experience in entrepreneurial and strategic ventures in Europe, Vermeeren brings a unique viewpoint to this role. His most recent position was Managing Director of NOVA, a company he founded in 1991. Also holding many director positions throughout his work history, Vermeeren is extremely adept in business practices across Europe and belongs to many industry associations such as the European Relocation Association (EuRA) and the Association of Belgian Relocation Agents (ABRA), which he served as a president and founder/board member for, respectively.

Published On: July 1, 2016

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