Business Traveler and Remote Worker Compliance

Gone are the days of fully staffed offices and location-based positions. Enter a new world of borderless work, flexible job assignments, remote workers, business travelers and nomads. As you prepare for what lies ahead, the most pressing concern for many companies is compliance. How do you keep track of all the tax jurisdictions and liabilities? And if you can’t, what are the consequences?

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Solving Your Global Compliance Dilemma

To limit your risk and provide a solution for keeping track of not only where your employees are but how the work product they are producing should be taxed, Altair Global offers ORBIT, a business traveler and remote worker tracking tool. ORBIT makes global compliance more streamlined through a user-friendly interface and mobile access for on-the-go information.

ORBIT establishes a method for tracking globally mobile employees to ensure you have visibility into impending tax liabilities and immigration breaches through viewing accumulated days and activity data in each location. It also offers standard COVID-19 features such as pre-trip assessments and contact tracing. And, as duty of care is at the top of every organization’s list of priorities, ORBIT can provide exact location and panic alerts in the case of an emergency.

With three levels of service, Altair provides the support you need to meet your business objectives and align with your unique program.

Providing Peace of Mind

If left unmonitored and unplanned, business travel and remote work can create a myriad of complex income tax, immigration and other serious exposures. With Altair’s ORBIT tool, you can ensure that your employees have a smooth journey from beginning to end.

Key Features

  • Smartphone application for streamlined updates by business travelers and remote workers
  • Intuitive HR and employee portals with online support
  • Efficient travel capture using travel data upload or API
  • Automated tax and immigration alerts/notifications for HR and employees
  • Interstate U.S. and global tax logic
  • Robust activity reporting
  • Consistent administrative support to ease the burden of program administration
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If you don’t know what your solution is for tracking employees when traveling or working remotely, you need to see the capabilities ORBIT can provide to your program. Altair Global wants to make your life easier and ORBIT is just one way we are able to keep you and your employees on track.