ORBIT Business Traveler Tracking

ORBITSM – A Business Traveler Tracking Tool

What is ORBIT?

To mitigate corporate risk and provide a solution for keeping track of tax and immigration liabilities for your global travelers, Altair Global provides ORBIT, a business traveler tracking tool and service that brings immigration and tax compliance together in one easy interface. ORBIT establishes a method for tracking globally-mobile employees to ensure each client has visibility into impending immigration breaches, employee location and activity data to support corporate and income tax compliance, and real-time employee location during an emergency situation.

With three levels of service, Altair can provide the support to meet your business needs and align with your unique program.

  • Efficiency Model
  • Shared Model
  • Full-service / Altair-managed Model

Why use ORBIT?

With our ever-growing global landscape, it is of the utmost importance for multinational companies to be aware of tax and compliance issues that affect frequent business travelers. If left unmonitored and unplanned, business travel can create a myriad of complex income tax, immigration, and other serious exposures.

Key Features

  • Smartphone application for streamlined updates by business travelers
  • HR and traveler portal with online support
  • Efficient travel capture using travel data upload or API
  • Automated tax and immigration alerts / notifications for HR and travelers
  • Interstate U.S. and global tax logic
  • Robust activity reporting
  • Altair Global administrative support to ease the burden of program administration