Meet Benny Tan

Senior Vice President, APAC

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The first time you talk to Benny, you get an instantaneous, infectious sense of positivity and energy. After espresso, he’s the next best thing in the morning. Benny brings this level of enthusiasm to his role because it’s an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and effect change. And because he lives to help people – clients, assignees, colleagues and supplier partners alike.

He’s well-traveled, but says there’s no place like home (Singapore). He speaks fluent English and Mandarin (in addition to a few other Chinese dialects). He was the first Altair Global employee in APAC; and as such, he brings immense value to Altair by bridging the similarities, differences and uniqueness of Asian and American culture and business.

His dedication to servant leadership is clear in everything he does. When asked why he chose to build a career with Altair, his answer was, “We make a difference – there’s a company culture toward service and customer experience that’s unparalleled in this industry.” He stressed how much every leader at Altair takes that approach – that everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the unglamorous work that’s easy to talk about and hard to do. He leads by example and leads with a healthy dose of humor and levity. What’s his favorite business book? At this point, you’ll be unsurprised to learn it’s Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last.”

Outside of work, Benny devours audiobooks, plays indoor sports (like bowling, billiards and darts), reads Chinese history and literature and – no matter if he’s in Singapore, New York City or London – is always on the lookout for the perfect fried chicken.