Meet Kathryn Cassidy

President and Chief Operating Officer

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Kathryn is Altair Global’s president and COO; she helps architect Altair’s long-term vision and culture while being responsible for client retention, global operations and supply chain. One of the most valuable insights she brings to the leadership team is a very international personal history – she’s lived in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, New York City, Chicago and Dallas. She speaks English, French, German and Gaelic. She enjoys traveling; but better said, she loves to explore and immerse herself in new cities, cultures and languages. When asked what her favorite location to travel to is, she pled not to answer because she couldn’t name just one.

Kathryn loves working at Altair because of the clear sense of authenticity in the company’s mission to better the mobility industry and in the way team members relate to each other. Her leadership style is based on intuition – specifically for hiring talented people. She says, “Leadership is about building the best team, providing guidance and then getting out of their way!” Her CliftonStrengths show she’s strong in the themes of relator, strategic and activator, which are indicative of her ease and talent in building close relationships, inspiring teams to think big and turning ideas into action.

Outside of work, Kathryn is active in her community; she belongs to the Dallas Regional Council and advises on Goodwill Inc.’s Dallas board. When she needs to re-energize, you’ll probably find her finishing a run outside, listening to her running playlist at full volume.