Meet Kelly Tepera

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

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Kelly Tepera in three words: quick-witted, energetic and Texan. She brings energy, vision and insight to her role with more than 20 years of experience in relocation management. An original Altair Global team member, she also brings historical perspective and advanced knowledge of what experience management means in mobility to her role.

Kelly’s described as a great problem solver, sharp, determined and perceptive, which makes her a no-brainer to lead customer experience. She says she loves Altair because of the palpable sense of connectedness to colleagues, clients and customers. She says she loves her job because of the daily unscripted-ness – the fact that when you work so closely with people, each day will be as unique as the people you work with.

A key CliftonStrengths theme for Kelly is activator, which is a skillset that turns the abstract into the concrete – that turns thoughts into actions. Her leadership style reflects the ability to activate clearly; she is forward-thinking and uses it to turn college graduates into mobility superstars and serendipitous ideas into company-changing blueprints.

Kelly is a licensed Texas real estate agent and holds Global Mobility Specialist® (GMS) and Certified Relocation Professional® (CRP) designations. She’s a mom to two teens, an eternal fan of The Doors and escapes to the Caribbean and Mexico regularly. Outside of being proficient in the language of experience, Kelly also speaks fluent Spanish.