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Altair Global Webinar – Loaded Up and Trucking: An Inside Look at Corporate Move Management

Move Management. It’s undoubtedly the most personal – and you could argue the most critical – element of a mobility program. For most of us, our personal goods are more than just things that take up space in our houses. They’re memories, they’re mementos, and, in many ways, the foundation that turns a house into a home. Getting them to their destination in one piece can be the difference between a great relocation and disastrous one.

All that said, how much do you know about what actually goes into getting your goods from Point A to Point B? What goes on behind the scenes of this essential service?

Jim Edwards, Altair Global’s Senior Vice President of Move Management, wants to help you dig a little deeper into the details that get the wheels turning on your household goods deliveries.

Published On: March 1, 2017

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