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Financial Challenges Facing Global Mobility Program Managers

Learn about the financial challenges facing global mobility programs in this webinar! Join Altair Global and our special guest speaker, Doug Gallardo, Vice President of Corporate Expatriate Banking for HSBC Bank in New York, as we discuss the many changing requirements for financial institutions, and how those changes will impact global mobility programs. This discussion includes regulatory environmental and financial turbulence, banks exiting the international consumer business, the difficulty of establishing home and host banking relationships and credit facilities, and cross-border funds transfers. In addition, Doug Gallardo explains both the company and employee perspective. He also goes on to explain what to look for in a financial services provider such as: a global footprint, international services and cross-border banking experience and capabilities, products and services designed for globally mobile individuals, access to credit facilities, and access to insurance and investment products and services.

Published On: April 29, 2015

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