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Northern Exposure: Differences Between Canadian and U.S. Home Sale

Learn about Northern Exposure: the difference between Canadian and U.S. Sale in this webinar! Join Altair Global and our special guest speaker, Michael Deane, Co-Owner and Vice President of Client Services for All Points Relocation Service, as we discuss often overlooked differences between home sale processes in Canada and the United States in a humorous and engaging way. Michael Deane starts off by giving some statistics on the Canadian population and what the means for Canadian relocation. He goes on to discuss the Guaranteed Home Sale Programs, closing costs, the difference between U.S. and Canadian mortgages, the struggles involved in cross border home sales, the specifics of Canadian rental properties, the differences in U.S. and Canadian housing markets. He then gives a few side by side comparisons of similar properties in the U.S and Canada. He then concludes with a discussion the education system in Canada.

Published On: June 24, 2015

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