Ai and Mobility, what should we expect? An Article by Altair Global

AI and Mobility — Are You Hopping Aboard?

Look left or right, in your inbox or on your TV, and you’ll likely see at least one mention of artificial intelligence (AI) these days. The hot new technology seems to be everywhere and coming in droves.  

From ChatGPT to Bing AI, Microsoft CoPilot to Google’s Bard, and even Salesforce’s Einstein GPT: All the big-name hitters are launching their latest and greatest AI developments, and the innovations just keep coming.  

AI in the Mobility Space — Should We Be Worried?

But what does this mean for global mobility? There is a lot of fear circling around AI, centered around whether this innovation is going to replace jobs across sectors. However, the main use of these AI programs is to enhance the jobs that already exist and streamline processes for efficiency.  

Here are a few examples of ways we are working on implementing AI into Altair Global’s practices to help us continue to be an innovative provider for the corporate relocation industry. 

An Artificial Personal Productivity Booster 

This is one of the biggest ways we’ve been seeing AI betas being aimed at the workforce, such as JasperAI and Microsoft CoPilot. Whether it’s asking the AI to reformat content for a different platform (policy to blog post, etc.) or generating timely job descriptions (including day-to-day tasks and skills for each position), there are countless ways that utilizing AI can act as a personal timesaver and assistant. One could knock out the mundane tasks (imagine never having to consolidate five spreadsheets into one by hand again!) so they can get back to their expertise work. 

Welcome Aboard, I’m Your Altair Journey Captain, AI 

Another use case we’re excited to dive into is information-gathering and pinpointing, specifically when it comes to onboarding for our team members to help them get acquainted with various policies and training.  

There’s so much information to be reviewed, signed, and filed away that it can be dizzying for anyone starting a new position. With AI being able to search our own database of information and pull exactly what any given team member may need in seconds, we expect a huge load off our Team Member Experience Resources (TMXR) staff in supporting our team members when they’re trying to locate information. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience with AI

When one of our relocating customers is in the middle of their move and needs help, what they really want is to be able to text their Consultant in real-time and get answers.  

We’re excited to explore bringing AI into Altair to provide information gathering for our relocating customers when it comes to questions about their employer’s policies. AI provides immediate response, so when a Consultant is troubleshooting another customer situation or away from their desk, AI can be a supplementary tool. But it’s not just answering questions word-for-word from a client policy document – AI can also comprehend the information and answer follow-up questions, allowing a conversation in all levels of relocation-speak, suitable for a first-time intern or a veteran executive. 

Buckle Up! We’re Just Getting Started

Jason Beaudreau quote on AI and mobility with Altair GlobalThese AI applications are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways that AI can integrate with mobility, and we see the ability for a great knowledge base to help Altair continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients, customers, supplier partners, and team members. And we’re constantly researching different avenues to seamlessly integrate this technology even further. 

When it comes to how we can expect AI to affect those working at or with Altair Global, Jason Beaudreau, our Chief Technology Officer, shared, “Altair is a company that is all about helping people during an exciting but challenging time in their professional lives. We have a history of using innovative technologies to enhance the experience our customers and clients have when working with us. Now with AI, we have the potential to offer another big leap forward and we are excited to take advantage of it – but no matter the technology we use, we will always remain a company focused on people.” 

So, while many out there may be concerned about the implications of AI in the working sector, rest assured that we foresee this technology as a tool to enhance the mobility experience while streamlining work processes for our team members and supplier partners, all the while making our work more efficient and consistent.  

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Published On: April 4, 2023

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