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Altair Global Enhances STAR Customer Portal Delegate Access

Empower Your Mobility Program with Enhanced Portal Features

At Altair Global, we’re dedicated to the continuous effort to innovate and grow in order to provide our customers with a positive relocation experience. As such, we’re excited to offer Delegate Access on our STAR Customer Portal, a dynamic feature designed to streamline collaboration and enhance user flexibility in the management of one’s relocation journey.

With Delegate Access, customers can designate trusted individuals, such as their administrative assistant or partner, to perform tasks on their behalf within the portal. Here’s a closer look at the benefits and features of this tool.


Streamlines task delegation process

Provides customers with full control over permissions allowed on their account

Key Features:

Delegate Appointment

As the main account holders, customers can appoint up to three active Delegates and control their access levels.

Delegates have their own login credentials for easy access to the customer’s portal.

Delegate Management

Customers can update Delegate contact information and access levels.

Delegates can be sent username reminders or password resets as needed.

Delegate Access Levels

While this feature will allow for streamlined access and processes, we understand that customers may not want users to gain full access to all editable functionality, which is why we’ve created levels of access.

Limited Access:

View all data in the STAR Customer Portal and manage reimbursement requests.

Expanded Access:

View all data in the STAR Customer Portal, as well as access and edit the customer’s profile, reimbursement requests, and travel requests.

Full Access:

Enjoy complete portal functionality, including profile management, task and appointment updates, document uploads, and more.

Security Measures

Security and data privacy are always at top of mind here at Altair, and we’ve added some extra measures and safeguards to protect sensitive information.

Automatic Deactivation:

The Delegate must create their user account within 30 days of when the site invitation is sent, or the link will no longer work. Further, Delegates’ accounts will automatically deactivate after 90 days of inactivity. Reactivated accounts must be logged in within 7 days to remain active. And lastly, customer account deactivation results in automatic deactivation of all associated Delegate accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Delegates are required to use multi-factor authentication for added security. Each login attempt requires a unique code delivered via email.

Bank Profile Protection:

Delegates never have access to the customer’s bank account information.

Altair Access:

Altair cannot update Delegate contact information or deactivate Delegates, except system administrators

Unlock new levels of efficiency and collaboration within the Altair STAR Customer Portal with Delegate Access. Contact us today to learn more about this feature and how it can elevate your employees’ relocation experience.

Published On: February 15, 2024

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