Altair Global Releases Second Study of Productivity Research Series

PLANO, TEXAS (Sept. 27, 2017) – Altair Global is delighted to release part two of their first-of-its-kind productivity research series, Momentum. In 2015, part one – focusing on U.S. domestic relocations – was released; part two focuses on measuring lost productivity in international relocations. The uniqueness of this study is rooted in identifying “high-impact” events such as selling a home, finding a home in a new location, navigating foreign immigration regulations, etc. and quantifying the employee’s productivity loss during the relocation process. CEO, Chad Sterling, spearheaded the project, and VP of Global Consulting, Mary Beth Nitz, managed the research in partnership with Altair Global clients and their employees.

Nitz said, “When Chad approached my team to manage this research study, I was thrilled. The interesting thing about this topic is that we can universally agree that moving is extremely taxing, so the fact that it had never been statistically validated was intriguing to me. Our goal with the entire series is to focus on identifying solutions and process improvements to address productivity drag and to show the real value – financial and emotional alike – of ensuring a mobility program is run as efficiently as possible.”

Part one focused on U.S. domestic moves with 546 transferees and identified high-impact events that affected employee productivity, focus and clients’ bottom lines. Part two analyzed the high-impact events for international relocation and assignments for 149 employees from more than 50 countries. It was reported that high-impact events can cost an employee 24.4 days of lost productivity. This number increases dramatically when “lower-impact” events are added in. To corporate clients, this lost productivity is a direct drain on their workforce output, and in terms of return on investment, can result in losses in the millions across an entire mobile population.

Sterling said, “We truly understand that the relocation process, whether down the street or to a new country, is stressful. What I wanted to do with this study is get to the root of the problem – find patterns, data and quantifications that will help us better understand the challenges so we can come up with the best solutions. The purpose, and result, of this study series is to provide innovative data and improvements so mobile employees can fulfill the true purpose of a relocation – starting a job – efficiently.”

Altair Global has also developed a calculator that can be used to compute a total productivity loss specific to a company’s program demographics and volume. To learn more about the study, visit A full report analysis is available to learn more about this unique study and can be provided on request.

Published On: September 27, 2017

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