Meet Brian Potts

Executive Vice President, the Americas

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A born-and-raised Northern Californian, Brian is friendly, thoughtful and dare we say it? Sunny. He’s been in the mobility industry for a long time – starting in the mail room of a relocation firm while attending college. That daily combination of application and theory sets the stage for his career of 20+ years in global mobility.

Brian is an essential leader at Altair Global because of his passion for people. He’s incredibly social, and he uses a strong sense of cohesion to hire talented people, develop camaraderie and build careers. He noted that Altair’s culture is unique because it prioritizes collective success – in other words, the daily mantra, “The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.” He runs his team knowing the importance of a trustworthy environment where hard work is recognized and rewarded because that’s what other Altair trailblazers did that helped make his job a career.

Outside of work, Brian takes the title ‘family man’ seriously. Saturdays are always maxed out supporting the kids’ latest pursuits, and Sundays are always reserved for time in the garden – tending to vegetables and fruit trees with his family and their large, African Tortoise, Little Scotty. And, playing Bocce ball in the local league keeps Mr. and Mrs. Potts friendly and competitive.

Whether it’s coincidence or the thoughtful way he conducts business, he says he can’t imagine working anywhere else because he gets to collaborate with the friendliest, most like-minded colleagues, clients and supplier partners. (We don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not a coincidence.)