Meet Chad Sterling

Chief Executive Officer

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Chad’s No.1 CliftonStrength is learner. He is all about the learning process. Whether it’s staying on top of new industry publications, reaching out to team members directly to check in or the latest trends from his three teenagers, he’s always on the lookout for new information. He’s committed to continuous self-improvement – especially when it’s challenging. In fact, Chad doesn’t run away from challenges (he actually runs toward them because he’s a marathoner). Chad loves that Altair has evolved over the years from a U.S.-focused real estate company into an international organization that reaches people in every corner of the world. He got into the industry through his first job out of college – auditing the acquisition of one relocation company by another. He loved that there was a human side to the business – that it was an industry that helped people through an emotional time. When he left a few years later, he realized he was missing that same sense of impact and humanity in his new roles. Knowing that feeling was going to be essential to his career, he quickly made his way back to the mobility world. His leadership style is based on collaboration and empowering team members to be advisors. He believes in giving people the opportunity to make decisions and learn from them – favoring taking chances in the name of progress and listening versus reacting. When asked what soft skills had been critical to his success, he said, “Absolutely self-awareness – having an accurate, humble sense of my strengths and weaknesses.” When you meet Chad, you get an instantaneous sense that he’s already your friend; it’s clear he works hard every day to ensure Altair Global exudes that same energy to every team member, client, customer and supplier partner. Outside of work, Chad is a dedicated cross-country and track coach to fifth through eighth-graders. He enjoys the peace and solitude of running at White Rock Lake, but is equally energized and at home at a big concert or football game.