Meet Susan Myers

Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services

Portrait image of Susan Myers, Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services at Altair Global

Susan is a numbers person, that’s why she is in charge of things like Global Financial Services, China Financial Services, Global Client Invoicing, Relocation Tax Services – and those are only a few of the things she manages. Financial process, clear auditable procedures and big picture thinking just make sense to her; however, you’ll also often times find her presenting with the sales team because she also relates to people and makes the complex world of global compensation and expense processing understandable.

Susan is outspoken and smart as a whip. With a BA as well as an MBA, she is also a lifelong learner and is always completing a new round of certifications or courses from places like Cornell to keep her skills sharp. With all that knowledge, she loves to build up her leaders, mentor young professionals and push her teams to do more. When she’s not vacationing with her three daughters or being on Nana-duty, you might often find her brushing up on AI innovation, just for fun.

Susan loves to lounge by her pool and drive with the top down. She has embraced the Texas weather after growing up in Wisconsin, but she still gets back home when she can and loves to root for her Packers. Her infectious, can-do attitude is a huge asset and is what keeps Altair’s financial services consistently moving forward and getting better.