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Altair Global Webinar – Lump Sums of the Future – Friend or Foe?

With the changing demographics of move populations, Lump Sum Programs are here to stay; however, it is important to consider where they work best and alternatively where they could be detrimental to your talent management objectives. Join Altair Global’s Mary Beth Nitz, Vice President of Global Consulting Services, and Russ Haynie, Director of Global Consulting Services, as they take a deep dive into Lump Sums including:

  • Considerations for creating a successful Lump Sum Program, including balancing ease of administration and cost certainty while ensuring flexible, adequate, and competitive levels of support
  • Options for payment calculation methodologies, including key differentiators and pros vs. cons of managed Lump Sums and Lump Sums without managed support
  • Key findings from Altair Global’s recent U.S. Domestic Lump Sum edition of the Momentum Survey Series developed by Altair Global to investigate the impact of the relocation process on employee productivity
Published On: July 18, 2019

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