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WEBINAR — Mental Health and Moving: What You Can Do to Ease Employee Anxiety

Living through a pandemic has put mental health at the forefront for every organization. For mobility leaders, coupling the strain of the last year with trying to help employees move during an unprecedented time has proven trying to say the least. Altair Global’s Trapper Pace, Director of Global Engagement & Development, discusses ways Altair is using the Gallup survey to find out exactly how team members are feeling and how Altair has managed its own workforce with empathy and concern. Additionally, hear from special guest speaker Tricia Sirois, Manager of Global Mobility Programs & Operations at Adobe, as they both discuss:

  • Unique ways to embrace mental health initiatives
  • Why mental health while moving must remain top of mind
  • Taking an inclusive approach to environmental stress
  • Providing moving and settling-in support for relocating employee

Download Webinar Presentation Deck and Mental Health Resources List:

Published On: August 16, 2021

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