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Altair Global Introduces Business Traveler Tracking Tool, ORBIT℠

PLANO, TEXAS (Nov. 3, 2017) – Altair Global has partnered with a leading destination services company, Going-there, to provide a new tool and service that tracks business travelers. Developed by Going-there and customized by Altair Global, ORBITSM establishes a method for tracking globally-mobile employees to ensure clients have visibility into impending immigration breaches, employee location and activity data to support corporate and income tax compliance and real-time employee location during an emergency situation.

Susan Myers, vice president, global financial services, stated, “The estimated number of annual business trips in the U.S. is approximately 488 million and when you couple that with hundreds of millions of international travelers, the result equals a staggeringly high-risk situation for multinational organizations. ORBIT is Altair Global’s answer to our clients’ question of how to best monitor their business travelers’ locations and ensure compliance with local tax and immigration laws. Early on, we identified Going-there as the perfect partner for this tool and are excited to introduce our customized version, ORBIT, to our client base.”

Altair Global offers three levels of support to fit a variety of program types. Key features of ORBIT include smartphone application, HR and traveler portal with online support, travel capture using travel data upload or API, automated tax and immigration alerts/notifications for travelers and human resources, interstate U.S. and global tax logic, detailed activity reporting and administrative support.

Published On: November 3, 2017

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