Meet Laura Gatins

Executive Vice President, Team Member Experience

Laura Gatins Bio Page

Laura has been with Altair Global for more than a decade, playing pivotal roles in Global Operations before assuming her current position as EVP of Team Member Experience. In this role her responsibilities include leading human resources (what we call team member experience resources, or TMXR) globally, bringing all departments together which impact and influence the team member experience into one business unit as one of the four core pillars of Altair’s experience-management (XM) philosophy. Her unique experience throughout Altair, paired with her love for academia and advancing student success through her continuous involvement at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and her #1 CliftonStrength of Strategy, gives her tremendous perspective to lead Altair’s TMX vision. Laura knows where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should be going.

Laura’s journey in the global mobility industry began in 1998, and she quickly rose through management ranks, earning recognition for her outstanding contributions. Her educational background lends a hand to considering her team members’ needs, consisting of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University and a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Fairfield University—in other words, she’s focused on how to truly deliver a positive experience day in and day out for her fellow team members, plus all the technology and systems that go with it. Laura’s leadership is underscored by her top five CliftonStrengths, including the aforementioned Strategic, along with Arranger, Competition, Self-Assurance, and Futuristic, which guide her in shaping innovative strategies and fostering a culture of excellence within Altair.

Outside the office, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband Francis and their two children, Alexis and Christian. An adventurous spirit, she loves traveling to new destinations, skiing, and indulging in various cuisines, with a penchant for Asian fusion and Italian fare.

Having experienced relocation herself, Laura understands the intricacies of the process firsthand, relocating to Dallas in 2000 in her Cabro Volkswagen with simply a check and a job. While she’s settled down in Texas as her home base, she always has her eye on the next adventure – likely to Costa Rica for a second time to soak up the country’s natural beauty and, most importantly, its white-sand beaches.