Gifting Gaffs Webinar

Altair Global Webinar – Avoiding Gifting Gaffes Across Cultures

Learn how you can avoid a cultural gifting gaffe this upcoming holiday season in our last webinar of 2016!

Imagine this scenario – you’re a member of a multi-cultural team and it’s the big holiday gathering, complete with a gift exchange. You walk up to a co-worker and exchange your carefully chosen gift. They accept it graciously enough, but you could tell there was a hint of awkwardness to the exchange. Walking away, you ask yourself: “What did I do? What went wrong?”

Altair Global and our special guests, Darcy Roehling and Adwoa Osei of Aperian Global, want to help you avoid just this situation. Join us as we give you tips and valuable information to help you avoid that dreaded holiday faux pas.

Published On: November 16, 2016

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