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Altair Global Webinar — COVID 19 & Corporate Mobility Tax: What You Need to Know

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, it disrupted several aspects of global mobility, with tax and finances being no exception. Join Susan Myers, Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services at Altair Global, and David Oltman, Chief Compliance Officer at Ineo LLC, as they discuss how mobility tax has been impacted as businesses start to navigate through the changing landscape and attempt to return to business as usual. Together, they cover:

  • Mobility tax impacts for:
    • Companies vs. Assignees
    • Virtual Presence vs. Actual Presence
    • Domestic Temporary Assignments (DTAs) and Extended Business Travelers (EBTs)
  • Compliance issues surrounding Multi-state Temporary Assignments
  • The absolute requirement of Pre-move or Pre-assignment Tax Briefings
  • The future: impact of remote working post-COVID-19
Published On: July 22, 2020

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