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Altair Momentum Survey The Results

Learn about the Altair Momentum Survey and its results in this webinar! Please join Mary Beth Nitz, Director of Global Consulting Services and our special guests, John Sculley, VP and Managing Director of RIS Consulting Group, and Mark Lozano, SVP of Global Relocation for Wells Fargo, as we discuss the results of our Momentum Survey, an industry-leading survey examining, identifying, and validating the mobility-related events determined to have a significant impact on employees’ focus at work, and, as a result, companies’ bottom lines. John Sculley starts off by explaining the hypothesis behind the study: relocating employees lost significant undocumented work time and productivity. He then goes on to explain the intensive developmental process and methodology behind the research adding that they ended with a robust database of 26,000 individual responses. Next, Mary Beth Nitz goes on to explain the demographics of the respondents and some of the results such as: the impacts of relocation activities, impacts of the physical move, impacts of socio-economic issues, and surprises that were learned through the research. She then goes on to explain what we can do with this information, the hidden costs of relocation, and Altair’s productivity cost estimator. Lastly, Mark Lozano comes on to explain a client’s perspective and perceived benefits.

Published On: November 18, 2015

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